Suites Nature


In the Domaine of Andéols we pride on creating a unique experience for our guests. Our latest suites inaugurated this May are not exception.


« Have you ever dreamt of waking up to the summer breeze iin the middle of a lavender field in Provence? »

The owners of the Domaine des Andéols tried to make this vision come true through the creation of the Suites Nature in the middle of the lavender fields inside of the Domaine. Because of their privileged positioning and architecture these Nature Suites will give you that experience. With a wall to wall glass window that you can open, you will have full view of the fields and valley from your room whether you are in your bed waking up or relaxing in the bathtub or simply in the sitting area. If you prefer to enjoy the outdoors you will have a private terrace where you can sun bathe or a have an appetitive at sunset, as the rooms direction is towards the West you will have a treat every day. Get ready to relax and escape to immerse yourself in nature.

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