Sweetness of life  


"The freshness is there, everywhere, omnipresent, soothing, delicate." Gilles de Bure

Simplicity and sincerity, the estate is the multi-centenary plane tree and its perched terrace, the palm grove and its ponds, the vegetable garden, the olive trees, the vines with their authenticity. Patrizia and Olivier have a taste for hospitality and generosity, a sense of celebration and beauty. They once again become masters of the place. Olivier was born on this land, Patrizia brings the Italian way of life to it.


8 Nature Suites and 11 independent Houses. In a vast preserved landscape, in the heart of Provence. All independent houses, all different, each enjoying a sublime fragment of Provence, of untouched nature and its swimming pool. Silence, space, everlasting time… Eleven houses and eight Natures Suites, in a Provencal hamlet, intimate, isolated but not solitary, and placed under the sign of sharing… Two steps away, the large plane tree, the orchard, the vegetable garden, their perfumes, their flavors… Little further on, major cultural events, festivals, foundations, museums…
This harmonious balance between Art and Nature.


2 outdoor swimming pools, 3 private ones in the "Maisons Deluxe", the multi-centennial plane-tree and its perched terrace, the palm grove and its ponds, the vegetable garden, the olive trees, the vines, the fruit trees and their authentic and tasty flavours.



Fruitful encounters

Patrizia and Olivier, thanks to their passion and their personal collection, have managed to put art and culture at the centre of the Andéols. Their guests will have the joy and honour of discovering a great diversity of works of art as well as numerous books belonging to the MASSART family.

Artist workshops, open to residency, to create and think. Meetings between friends, simply, with artists, discussions around open tables and picnics in the workshops.

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