Culture du Domaine  

Everything at the Domaine des Andéols is thought to provide comfort, relaxation and the pleasure to take life as it comes. The Pools and Turkish bath contribute to experience wellbeing and rest. Pleasures for the body and the mind with its beautiful library, a scheduled program of exhibitions and several opportunities to enjoy different cultural events of the region.


- Philosophy Andeols - 

Nature, authenticity, simplicity and clarity, served with refinement, elegance and style:

Welcome to the Domaine des Andéols!


In the heart of the Lubéron region, perched on a hill surrounded by olive groves, cypress trees and lavender fields, sits the Domaine des Andéols. Originally a family home, the Domaine is quiet, luxurious and welcoming, an extraordinary estate consisting of ten separate guesthouses, all warm, serene and contemporary. Each is comfortable and unique, the perfect setting for an incredible collection of rare and precious objects, lovingly arranged by your hosts. Unchanging, such is the true nature of the Andéols. Each year, we further enhance our ability to seek the ultimate refinement. Our meals are created by the chef and enjoyed under our centuries-old plane tree. We also offer art exhibitions, not to mention all the discoveries waiting for you in this land of endless countryside and nonstop events.

- Arts & Culture -

Art in all its forms is essential to Domaine des Andéols.



Lluís Lleó, who was born in 1961 in Barcelona and now lives in New York, comes from several generations of painters. He was greatly influenced by his father’s passionate interest in fresco painting and likewise smitten by it. Lluis Lleó is an artist that moves with ease and expertise in different disciplines and mediums, and which technical distinctive feature is the use of the fresco technique like the classic artists.

Our ongoing art exhibits and aritist is residnece are organized in collaboration with many art galleries and artist within France and Globally. We are always expanding the experience of art in daily life.

- Wellness & Relaxation - 

"Hunt the natural, it comes back at a gallop," as the popular saying goes.
At Domaine des Andéols, we never hunt for the natural. On the contrary, we are preserving it. The natural, i. e. authenticity, simplicity, obviousness.
With, to accompany them, refinement, elegance, exclusivity.



Here in nature's embrace, time slows to a crawl. Here by the pool, a new perspective emerges.

Tranquility. A sense of calm. A rejuvenating bath in the middle of a secret garden. At Le Domaine des Andeols, the body is sacred. We have created a space for self care and restorative practice, where guests can come to unwind and relax; a sacred space where stillness and tranquility abound; it is a place to detox the body and refresh the mind. With pine woodlands and a pale blue sky as a backdrop, by the pool at the Les Domaine Des Andeols the pressures of the day will fade away.



From the shade of the sycamore we emerge into the heat of the Luberon. A feverishness emerges from the very core of this heat, all encompassing, even overpowering: the heat of summer, the heat of the night, the heat of emotion… as if time itself were dilating.
The cool blue solitude of morning ebbs away at the first light of sun, and the heat is reborn, soft, ineffable. René Char’s spring to mind: “I have weighed with all my desire upon on your morning beauty.” As the cool ebbs away, or as the heat flows in – whichever you prefer – it is time to set off and explore the world of Les Andéols.
A cascade of pools and fountains; a succession of orchards and vegetable gardens; a parade of plants, flowers, and rushes in masses, rows, and garden beds; dry-stone walls and pools of shade beneath canvas awnings; cypress and olive trees; Aleppo pines and Lebanon cedars; sycamore and palm… scents and murmurs, heat and cool, relaxation and pleasure twine together in mysterious harmony. And above it all, the immense sky: cobalt blue and dazzlingly bright. Far off, the horizon wavers.



Here and There Though it’s easy to feel as if you’ve escaped to the middle of nowhere, a peaceful hideaway, a tranquil preserve, the Domaine des Andéols is actually located in a truly magical area. The region is fascinating and magnetic––a wonderful place to get lost and to find yourself. The Luberon is much more than a beautiful landscape. The region has preserved much of its ancient mystery. Its abrupt topography and dense, diverse vegetation offer moments of true splendor: steep and verdant gorgeous, sun-bleached limestone plateaus, hilltop villages, traditional bastides and bories, châteaux, forts, Provençal markets, flea markets and antique markets, village celebrations, specialized bookstores, and festivals of theater, music, dance, art, and photography. In other words, the party is never over. After your day of exploration, return to the quiet of Les Andéols. The swimming pool is calling out to you – take a dip and cool off. A long ribbon of water to re-center and refresh you. The blue sky reflecting from above. From the edge of the pool, your gaze settles once again on the beautiful landscape: the mauve hills, the garlands of cypress, and the rows of olive trees.

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