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Eight Nature Suites and eleven independent houses. In a vast preserved "I have the simplest tastes there is. I always settle for the best." Oscar Wilde


Guests from outside the hotel are welcome to the restaurants of the Andéols.

Information and reservations on 04 83 88 33 77


The Chef, the cuisine of Les Andéols

Our young Chef, Aurélien EGGER, is returning to his roots at Les Andéols after having worked for several years with various great names in gastronomy such as Jamie Oliver, Pierre Gagnaire and Antony Trezy.

For him, this return was an obvious choice: "It's a chance to continue to live my passion in Provence, which will remain for me a daily inspiration, my Proust's madeleine.For the elaboration of our menus, I like simplicity: using good fresh and local products, which come mainly from our vegetable garden.

We then transform these just like our two restaurants : Le Platane, where we enjoy serving a friendly and generous cuisine, emphasizing a Provencal and Mediterranean identity. And La Loggia, where we propose a meticulous, refined cuisine, where each flavour is highlighted in the most accurate way possible while respecting the wonderful products that surround us."


The products of the Domaine

From the vegetable garden to the plate. The shortest possible circuit.

Our gardeners, under the supervision of the Chef who comes to do his shopping, work the vegetable garden of the Domaine. Among others: aubergines, tomatoes, peppers, chard, peppers, and a wide variety of aromatic herbs are grown on site.

The fruit trees, omnipresent at Les Andéols, are also a source of ultra-fresh produce that our Chef uses for his menus.


La Loggia

Orchards and vegetable gardens, vineyards and olive groves ... scents and colors mingle with Andéols which will compose most of the flavors and menus that we can enjoy in the restaurant.

lunch menu

dinner menu



Le Platane

Below the domain, majestic and gigantic, stands a multicentennial plane tree, surrounded by springs with clear water. In the shade of the plane tree, the freshness is there, delicate, soothing. To have lunch or to dine there under the foliage is an unforgettable experience.



The Pool

During the season, a pool menu is offered to hotel guests after lunch at La Loggia. It is composed of fresh products and great classics such as the fresh tomato salad directly from the garden or the famous club sandwich. The ideal way to enjoy a meal by the pool while continuing to take advantage of this calm and pleasant place.

Pool menu


The Bar

The Domaine des Andéols has opened its new cocktail bar.

drinks menu

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