Le Platane

« Irrésistiblement on pense au Déjeuner sur l’herbe, à tous ces déjeuners sur l’herbe qui nourrissent l’histoire de l’art. »

Le Platane

Below the Domaine stands the majestic centenary tree transformed into restaurant. To have lunch there under the foliage is destined to be an unforgettable experience. Surrounded by clear waters, an exquisite view of this region feeling the soothing Provençal breeze. In this enchanting setting of the Platane, the Chef of the Domaine of Andéols and his team will make you discover the products of the moment of the rich lands of Provence.


Grange Basse

From the hands of the gardener and the farmer to the one of the Chefs

The Grange-Basse farm, with its rich soil, is located near the beautiful medieval village of Viens. There we organically grow our vegetables and fruits for both our restaurants, the Platane and the 7thElement. Here at the Domaine des Andéols, we also produce our exceptional olive oil, apricots, herbs from our bespoke herbs garden and more, all depending on the seasons.