Luxury hotel with swimming pool in the Luberon: note the address of the Domaine des Andéols

Few hotels, even in the south of France, can boast the level of excellence of Domaine des Andéols. This luxury hotel with swimming pool in the Luberon offers much more than just dream facilities. Discover.

Luxury hotel with swimming pool in Provence, the choice is made

The least we can say is that the Domaine des Andéols is a bit of a special hotel. It is not a monolithic establishment, but rather a group of 8 suites and 11 individual houses, allowing to reconstruct the atmosphere of a Provencal hamlet. But this hamlet is first and foremost a luxury hotel with a pool in Provence. With a contemporary decor, design, a gourmet restaurant, massages and an infinity pool, the program already announces the color of a luxury hotel with pool in the Luberon. The colors are also those of the sun reflecting the mauve shades of the lavender that surrounds the hotel's domain, it is this luminosity that brings out the smallest details of this authentic building of the region. The light also shines through the large bay windows of the individual villas and bathes them in sunlight so that you can live the time of your stay to the rhythm of nature.

Luxury hotel with pool in the south of France, the reference

The Domaine des Andéols is a luxury hotel with swimming pool in Provence. But it is also a hotel thought for the well-being. That's why there are two types of pools in the same establishment. First, there is the magnificent infinity pool, nestled in the landscaped garden, offering an incredible view of the surrounding nature and enjoying the sun of Provence. Then there are the individual houses, or rather villas, some of which also have their own pool. The size is not the same, but the private pool is an extraordinary luxury, an invitation to rest and serenity that is worthy of the splendor of the place. One luxury hotel with swimming pool in the Luberon, one can find some. There is only one hotel with a level of standing worthy of the most beautiful private resorts in the world: the Domaine des Andéols.

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