The Domaine des Andéols


A breath of freshness is guaranteed in the summer time thanks to it’s privileged location beside the Ponds.


Olivier a renowned artistic director in France, was born and raised inside the Domaine des Andéols, that was owned originally by his grandfather a dentist who happened to also be a sculptor in this free time, creating some of the fountains and mosaics that are still in the estate. As he inherited the domaine with his wife they decided to create an aesthetically unique hotel building 11 exceptional Villas, each one decorated under a theme that was related to their travels, inspirations and passions, each house is in a way is a « dream house » they built to share their world and welcome you in it as a close friend. Baptized with a name, inspired by a theme, every house has been built with the dedication the couple would put in a guest house for their close friends, reflecting a cultivated taste, love of art and refined living. The soul of their philosophy is « Se sentir chez soi », feel at home. Each house has a soul of its own featuring cutting edge design and an eye on art expressed through amazing photography, paintings and sculptures, all put together to tell a story and create an unforgettable experience. Their names: Maison Rouge, Maison Blanche, Maison de Amoureux, Maison du Voyageur, Maison des Cascades, Maison d’Ailleurs, Maison du Voyageur, Maison de l’Artiste, Maison des Amis and recently added to the family the suites Nature and la Maison Alice give you an introduction of what the story will be about.


Art being an essential part of the Domaine, not only inside the houses but outside, exhibitions are organized yearly in collaboration with the Parisian gallery Kamel Mennour, one of the most prestigious and creative in France, representing some of the most important artists in the country like Daniel Buren, Anish Kappoor, Claude Lévêque and Martin Parr among many others. Apart of being a hotel The Domaine des Andéols has two restaurants that serve guests and the people in the region, Le Platane one of the few restaurants in a tree and The 7th Element, where the products that are grown inside the Domaine and the region are in the heart of the cuisine, making it, authentic and organic, mixing the sophistication of Provençal cuisine and simplicity of the best ingredients. Lastly you will find a Pool with a compelling view of the valleys in the region, where you can enjoy a refreshing swim at any time and fully disconnect and relax. The Domaine des Andéols mission is to give you an unforgettable experience from beginning to end, so you relax, enjoy and be inspired.

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